Happy New Year!

We just spent New Year’s Eve in downtown Munich at the Marienplatz, where there didn’t appear to be any official or formal fireworks going on, but the Munichites are never to disappoint with an awesome, albeit very unsafe, firework show of their own. It is a spectacular show and being right in the middle of it feels like there are bombs going off all around you. Of course like any Munich event where mass amounts of people are gathered in a small area drinking mass amounts of alcohol there are the obligatory ambulances driving through the crowds here and there trying to save people from their own stupidity. My friends and I survived the event though and will always cherish the memory. Also here is a little video clip taken right around midnight. There was no countdown that I could hear, but you can tell when midnight hit because of the density of fireworks going off.

This will likely have been our last New Year’s in Munich for a while, as a move to the San Francisco Bay Area is in our immediate future, but more on that later.

Happy New Year!!

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