Glühwein and Grog

I had a couple of pleasant surprises the past few days. A good friend of mine traveled all the way to Munich from Amsterdam to visit me on my birthday, and the following day a nice dinner and birthday cake was made for me. Yesterday we were walking through the Englischer Garten and it was a crisp cold foggy day. As we were walking, we came across a little stand selling drinks and snacks in the middle of the park. We were overwhelmed with joy, when we saw that their menu included Glühwein. Of course we had to stay and have a cup of it. An even greater surprise was when we were sitting and enjoying the Glühwein, when we took another look at the menu and realized that they had listed Grog!! Since we only know grog from old pirate tales, it was clear that we had to drink up the Glühwein and order some grog. It was actually extremely good and the perfect drink to accompany a cold day.


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FredOctober 29th, 2007 at 11:14

Oh, Glühwein and Grog. This is just perfect. We so have to go to the Weihnachsmarkt together.

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