Daimler Back On Track

I could barely believe my eyes this morning when I saw this article on CNN.com. Strictly from a consumer’s point of view, the Daimler-Benz name has been tainted in my book ever since their acquisition of Chrysler in 1998. As an enthusiast of German sports and luxury cars, only BMWs, Porsches, and high-end Audis were on this list for me. I think Chrysler makes some of the worst, ugliest and most unreliable cars in the world and I would never consider owning a Mercedes as long as they were tied to Chrysler. But now everything is different. With Chrysler out of the picture, Daimler can hopefully return to building quality high-end automobiles without wasting their resources on a cheap American brand that, in my opinion, has been doomed from the beginning, no matter how much hype they tried to put behind their “new Hemi” and “Dodge Magnum” and other nostalgic-looking trend automobiles. The next time I consider an automobile purchase, I might indeed add Mercedes to the list of possibilities again. Assuming they aren’t still using any of that unreliable Chrysler technology in them.

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TrabbaMay 20th, 2007 at 21:16

Nah, they’re still gonna work together to save some money… besides they sold Chrysler for 5 billion, it’s worth about 100 billion… they gotta make it up somehow…

It does say something that the management is willing to give up 95 BILLION just to get rid of that crap. Good for them! :)

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