Awesome Application: YaKuake

I’ve decided I will start blogging about some of my favorite applications that may be not-so-well known. So today I’m going to start off with my recently discovered new favorite application: YaKuake. This little app is simply yet another terminal emulator for the KDE desktop, but the thing that is so cool about it, is that it just kind of runs in the background and it gives you an instant terminal, which drops down from the top of the screen, at the press of a button. It is completely configurable for how big you want the terminal window to be and whether you want it to disappear when it loses focus, etc. It is much more convenient than navigating through my applications menu just to find old trusty Konsole just to type in a quick command like df. In Kubuntu, just sudo apt-get install yakuake. Then find it in your K Menu under System. I just dragged it from there into my /home/jabba/.kde/Autostart folder and created a link to it there. Now from the time I log in, anytime I need a terminal I just hit F12 and I have a terminal. Awesome!!! I am not a GNOME user, but I hear you get similar awesomeness from Tilda.

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