I’ve been spending my last two days in the city of Stuttgart. This city is very beautiful with many sights to see, a beautiful downtown square, two castles, and it is the home of Daimler-Chrysler, so we’ll be checking out the museum there today.

The beer in this entire state (in my opinion) doesn’t quite compare to the beer in Bavaria, and Hefeweizen seems to be the beer of choice around some parts. Well, yesterday I was introduced to the Cola-Weizen. I can’t even explain the sensation. Who would have thought that mixing cola with Hefeweizen would yield such an amazingly good flavor? I’m definitely sold on this new concoction, and am no longer angry at the inferior beer over here. In fact, my first mission when I get home, is to try to make my very own Cola-Weizen. It’ll be interesting to see if Widmer’s Hefeweizen can hold up to the challenge. :)


Jean PierreSeptember 21st, 2006 at 11:18

The Mercedes museum is really worth a tour. Good decision!

Be sure to take a trip to Koenigsstrasse (downtown Stuttgart) and to Schloss Stuttgart while you are there.

BillySeptember 22nd, 2006 at 10:21

Ugh, I remember trying a Diesel (Export + Cola) that a friend ordered out of curiosity. After a few minutes in the glass it began to curdel, leaving stringy protien clumps in the drink. Imagine the way, when you drink cola, how it causes your mouth to feel dry? I suspect its the same mechanism causing coagulation of the protiens in the beer.

And don’t waste your time at the Porsche museum, its more like a hallway.

TrabbaSeptember 24th, 2006 at 02:03

Have you made an Ami Colaweizen yet? Tell me how that goes. Now I finally have a reason to go look for Weissbier in Prague.

FredSeptember 26th, 2006 at 00:11

I am not at all sure if Widmer Hef is even close to be appropriate for that drink — I think it’s not a bad beer, but it doesn’t quite taste like a real Hefe.

But then again, when you mix two strange things you sometimes get pretty dank stuff. So why not in this case?

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