… Praga, Prague, Prag…  Whatever you want to call it, the locals call it Praha, and it is indeed a beautiful city.  I took a train from Munich to Prague, which took six hours, but the country side is pretty all the way there.  I met my brother at the train station, and we walked down to his apartment.  The next day, I spent relaxing, and fixing his computer, but in the evening he took me out to dinner.  The food in Prague is amazingly good and amazingly inexpensive.  I visited my brother at work, in a very nice business complex, called simply “The Park”.  A very nice place.  There is a mall there, too.

The last night I was there, my brother took me to a nice restaurant known as “Hell”, or whatever the Czech equivalent word is.  It was actually a very nice place, set in kind of an underground cave.  The food was excellent, and the atmosphere was definitely unique.  The following day, my brother and I went to a flea market, and looked around at all the various stolen goods that the locals were trying to sell, but nothing really caught our eye.  After that, we took our luggage for a long walk.  We left his apartment, headed for the train station, so that we could get on a train back to Munich, and we missed the train by about two minutes, so we went back to his apartment.  All the while carrying way too much weight on our shoulders.  But it’s good to take your luggage for a walk every now and then.  We finally got on the night train to Munich around 9:30pm, and shared one of those soviet era tiny train cabins with sleeping cots with four other people.  Not a bad ride, except for the border patrol waking us up at 2 in the morning to check our passports and rummage through our luggage.  At the train station in Munich, we were searched again by Munich police.  I think there is some kind of smuggling problem between the Czech Republic and Germany, but for the most part, the American passports kind of made them lose interest in us.  Well, that was the beautiful city of Prague.  Now it’s off to Oktoberfest!


KarenSeptember 17th, 2006 at 18:22

Do they really sell stolen goods? Weird. And I agree with you that it’s good to take your luggage for a walk every now and then. :) Have fun at Oktoberfest!

TrabbaSeptember 24th, 2006 at 02:05

What would a flea market be without the black market 😉
I´m going to go there every month now.. I need a receiver and speakers…

TrabbaSeptember 24th, 2006 at 02:07

Jabba forgot to mention that “Hell” was founded by the Knights Templars in the 12th century, but then again, Jabba would forget that.

FredSeptember 26th, 2006 at 00:04

Hell yeah I am glad you had fun in Czech. Is the beer still very cheap there?

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