Politically Correct

If you’ve kept track of most of my blog entries, you’ll notice that I’m pretty good friends with Fred.  Fred is German.  But I just want to make something clear.  In being politically correct, you can’t call him a German to his face.  He is a Foreign American! Okay?


FredSeptember 12th, 2006 at 22:29

Absolutely! Everything else is discrimination, instant getting sued and such!

[…] Today, I am writing from the beautiful city of Mountain View, California, home of Google and Mozilla.  I drove down last night to visit my very good Foreign American friend, Fred.  It was a long trip, but totally worth it.  Today will be spent catching up on things with Fred, whom I haven’t seen since September.  Tonight will be spent catching up on some liquid bread.  Tomorrow we’ll probably see if we can’t find something to do in San Francisco.  Right now, while Fred is diligently coding away at work, I’m shamelessly raiding his kitchen and watching HBO on digital cable.  It sure is great to get away for a while! […]

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