Urlaub in Oberbayern

Yes, that is correct. Vacation in upper Bavaria. I just bought my plane ticket to Germany for next month. I’ll be leaving from Portland International bright and early on Wednesday the 6th of September, and I’m not coming back until the 22nd (Sorry, Zach, I won’t see you there, but I’ll see you before you leave). I’ll be flying into Frankfurt, perhaps tour around Baden-Württemberg for a few days and visit some good friends that I have made over the last year. After that, I’ll be heading over to my home town of Munich to see my dad and stepmom and the best little sister a guy could have. I’ll be spending a few days in the Czech Republic to see my brother. And of course, one can’t forget that the largest beer festival of all time just happens to be in Munich starting on the 16th. That’s right, everyone. Have fun going to your little parties next month, because I will be drinking the best beer in the world with six million other people, in the greatest city in the world. O-zapft is’! Not to mention, I’ll be eating the best food for two weeks: Döner Kebab, Wiener Schnitzel, real Italian Pizza, etc.

I hope everyone doesn’t get too jealous. Seriously, though, I am going to be having more fun than anyone else. Sorry. But I am in need of a vacation. I haven’t taken any time off for a year, and I have accomplished a lot this year. I’ve improved my grade point average at school. I have received two promotions at work. I’ve been taking summer classes, and I’ve been working hard on finishing my degrees, and I sold my car. So this vacation is very much needed. And two days after I return, I have to jump right back into school, taking an even larger load of classes. Besides, it isn’t all fun and games. Going to Germany will give me a good chance to work on losing my American accent that somehow crept up on me in recent years. Since I am a German major at the university, I see this as an academic experience. Alright, it’s back to work for me for now. You’ll be hearing from me from the other side of the big pond in about a month!


FredAugust 4th, 2006 at 15:46

Yeah, you should really do something about your accent before you sound like David Hasselhoff… 😉

just kidding — in fact, I didn’t notice an American accent in your German. But you probably know better.

ZachAugust 4th, 2006 at 16:10

Don’t worry Jabba, I won’t see you there this time…but I will next year, and the year after that, and the year after that…und so weiter.

I mach mein Urlaub in Oberbayern,
da kann man richtig feiern, da is was los!
Berg hamma, Bier hamma, so vui guad,
daß jeden schmecka tuat, drum sag i PROST.

FredAugust 5th, 2006 at 14:53

Just in case Jabba didn’t make it clear: Upper Bavaria is seriously one of the places you shouldn’t miss out on. It does not only look like you imagine all of Germany to be, because that tiny little stereotype about beer, sausage and Lederhosen tells you. But moreover, the people are nice and relaxed, the landscape is just gorgeous, and the food and beverages (well, beer) are among the best you can find, anywhere in the world.

jabbaAugust 6th, 2006 at 15:42

By the way, did I mention that Upper Bavaria is south of Lower Bavaria? Just an interesting fact. It has a higher elevation, though. :)

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