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I am a user of open source software. I love it. Unfortunately, I do use a few pieces of closed source software from time to time. But if I have to pay for it, I tend to go without. Since with the software world, nothing is guaranteed, I don’t like paying for something that probably has problems. Well, I do still have the original copy of Windows on my notebook computer, even though I never use it, since I have Linux on it also. And things just tend to work better…

My notebook was purchased in Germany and thus has Windows XP Professional in German. This is pretty cool. It is interesting, seeing what kind of words Germans use for computer stuff. One would be surprised how many English words are used in a German fashion. Anyway, my point is, I kind of have a problem with Microsoft, since it is soooo expensive to buy a copy of Windows, yet there are always stupid security updates that make you restart your computer. If I have to pay for an OS, I want it to be fixed before I get it, and not have them tell me 4 years after it was released that there is yet another security flaw that needs fixed and then they make me restart my computer. But that is neither here nor there. I’m sure you can find about 10 million other people that rant about Microsoft daily. But, here’s what really ticked me off recently. If one has to pay for an operating system, from a commercial company, in fact the ‘leader’ in the market, one would think that if nothing else (and seriously nothing else), they would at least get their grammar right.

I recently plugged a piece of hardware into my computer that wasn’t recognized by windows (same piece of hardware worked right away without another thought under Linux), and here is what I got:

Yep. My German Professor would be angry at this. Its the choo choo train. And Microsoft, while rolling in all of their money, didn’t even take the time to double check this one. The word ‘Mal’ is a neuter noun, therefore ‘Das Mal’. According to my German Professor’s choo choo train theory, ‘dies’ goes to ‘dieses’ when used with a neuter noun. See? They got it right on the next line. ‘Jedes Mal’ is correct, but why didn’t they fix the ‘diese Mal’? This kind of bugs me. Because you know that they probably know about this, and they aren’t going to fix it. Because who wants to receive an automatic update that changes one word, and requires a restart. Why couldn’t they just fix it right when they translated it the first time? I can’t imagine someone didn’t get paid a lot of money to translate Windows into German. Or any other language for that matter. I mean, I use Suse Linux on my desktop machine, which is a distro based out of Germany, and in the English version I find grammatical mistakes from time to time, but then again, I didn’t pay for it. And my guess is, that whoever translated it, probably didn’t get paid much either, if anything at all. So its fine. Plus, I don’t have to buy a bunch of third-party software, just to make sure that my machine is “safe”…

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FredJuly 23rd, 2006 at 16:01

They should eventually actualize this part of their software :)

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