The Pepsi Blues

My university has a pouring contract with Coca-Cola. This means, that for the most part, only Coke and Coke products are allowed to be sold on campus. Coca-Cola happens to be my favorite drink, and for years, I have been very happy that in a Pepsi-loving society, at least on campus, one could easily purchase a nice refreshing Coke. This is all going to change next week. The pouring contract has expired and Pepsi had a better deal to offer. So over the next month I am going to watch my beloved red vending machines and soda fountains turn blue.

I am a little torn on the issue, though. There is an independently owned Pepsi Distributing plant in town, and the owner is a valued member of society. I have personally met his son, and went to high school with his grandchildren. They are very nice people and they really give back to the community. I think they deserve to have the pouring contract at the university in their own town.

But I absolutely can’t stand the taste of Pepsi! In fact, what angers me the most, is that there is a general assumption that the general public can’t tell the difference. Every time I sit down at a restaurant and the waitperson comes around to take my drink order, I order a Coke. If the particular establishment is a Pepsi-infested one, I always get the obligatory and blasé “Is Pepsi okay?”, and without even waiting for a response, said person has already written it down and started asking the next person at the table what they want to drink! That is NOT okay!! This angers me. I always have to stop them and say “No! I’ll take Dr. Pepper” or whatever else they might have. Really, I don’t have a problem with the Pepsi company. I just don’t like the taste of their main drink.

So I guess this marks a sad chapter in the life of Jabba. There is nothing I can do about it. I will be forced to go off campus for a refreshment, or drink whatever other products might be available. *Sigh* :-(


FredJune 28th, 2006 at 23:22

Even though I can pretty much live with Pepsi as well, I don’t like it either. I always have the impression, Pepsi tastes like Coke that was kept out losing carbonation for a week-or-so.

But, as the sugar they use, and the mixture in general aer different here than they are in Europe anyway, I just blame it on American drinks in general and try to adapt 😉

SandyJune 29th, 2006 at 09:13

Yes the old pouring contract dilemma. You can please some of people some of the time…. I am very happy that Fungs on Monroe has found the perfect solution. They buy cans from both distributors, so very close to campus I can have Diet Pepsi with my lunch and Jabba can have Coke with his lunch. Diversity is the key! When will this campus learn?

TrabbaJune 30th, 2006 at 11:55

The pinkos made it to the moon first, unfortunately their radio equipment wasn’t able to send back data and there was no proof of their journey. Lucky for them they brought enough red paint to cover the whole moon as proof that russian cosmonauts really where better. Once ol’ Armstrong put his foot down and and asked what could be done to hide this fact the reply from Houston was promt: just write “Coca-Cola” across the SOB.
That’s a forgotten fact of history.. maybe they painted the wrong side.

TrabbaJune 30th, 2006 at 12:31

Sorry, I live in pinkoville and find all pinko jokes funny. Plus, like the bradda mon, I also accept the well documented fact that the original cola is far superior than the much later, cheaper and bad-music supporting Coca-Cola emulators. Here in Pinkoistan, they even are selling “Pepsi Gold” during the soccer world cup. It is amazing how they can make a Pepsi that tastes exactly the same as the normal Pepsi and at the same time make it look like what it tastes like… you know… it’s erm golden…

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