Hello World!!

Greetings to everyone that I have told about this blog and to everyone who just randomly stumbled onto it, because they have gotten so bored and have already read the entire rest of the world wide web, that they are left with no choice but to start reading pointless blogs like Jabba Rants.

Not completely pointless… I get to write a blog about random things in my life (this is my first blog ever, by the way) and you get to read about random things in my life that probably mean nothing to you. See? Everybody wins.

A note about the name: My name is Justin. Through a mere coincidence, that includes a long story and background, nothing of which has to do with the Hutt by the same name, my friends have taken to calling me ‘Jabba’. It stuck, and many people just call me that. The ‘Rants’ part of the title is tentative, and I picked it because I have seen other blogs on the web use it, and I figure that it works for them, plus I like to half-seriously complain about random things, so you could say I like to rant about stuff. There you have it. See you next time.


FredJune 26th, 2006 at 17:32

Very nice, Jabba has a blog. I already subscribed to it and I’m looking forward to read more random rants from you. Your theme is nice, by the way. Matches the dowhaus domain :)

MikeJuly 4th, 2006 at 22:29

Jabba is the man. Justin is a great friend of mine (most likely of the people who are reading this also). I can not really say anything that all of you do not already know so I will leave you with this. “Kein Alkohol ist…”

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